Opening the Doors to the Subconscious Mind

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Story of An Artist

Growing up with artists as parents, creative expression was encouraged in Calla's home. From this supportive atmosphere, Calla doesn't place parameters on how she creates by exclusively using a few mediums. The materials she uses ranges from dying fabrics to the more traditional oil on canvas. Her artwork evolves with every stage of life she encounters. She has traveled throughout the United States for many years exploring this nation's hidden beauties. Her itch for travel brought her back home to New Jersey where she focuses on bringing her experiences to life through her art. "My artwork guides the subconscious mind, allowing it to expand. Thus, giving the overworked the freedom to feel unsurfaced emotion. I want the viewer to allow themselves to open up emotions that have been locked away."


Past Exhibitions

 When looking at Calla's work it becomes apparent she uses art as an unfiltered mirror allowing us a glimpse into her ever evolving perspective on life.


Thank you for your interest. For any inquiries or commission requests, please contact Calla today.